Cyber Security in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that makes life easier for the user and business. Without Cloud Computing it is impossible to understand the digital transformation of business and wide organizations.

Approximately around the world, 50% of the business will have at least one cloud service. Cloud computing service reduces their investment in servers and infrastructures to store data. When it comes to securing large data, it is safer to use the cloud than other services.

Cloud services must act with cybersecurity standards that guarantee the integrity of the data of the users and companies which undertakes the services.

Cyber Security in Cloud Computing
Cyber Security in Cloud Computing

Securing access with a strong password will prevent attacks by unauthorized persons. Organizations or users must use the password generator tool to create strong passwords. To begin with, cloud computing must offer secure navigation.

The access to the web or application must be enriched with a Secure Sockets Layer. Users can verify it by clicking on the padlock located in the bar where the URL is typed.

If the padlock is green and closed, then you are navigating in a safe place.

Encrypting data before uploading it to the cloud is an excellent precaution against threats from unwanted hackers.