Responsive Web Design

Reasons Why Your Website May Need a Redesign

Responsive design is an approach to web design that makes your web content adapt to the different screen and window sizes of a variety of devices.
If you separate your content into multiple columns on a mobile device, it will be hard for users to read and interact with. Responsive design makes it possible to deliver multiple, separate layouts of your content and design to different devices depending on screen size.
Reasons Why Your Website May Need a Redesign
Why Responsive Design Matters

Why Responsive Design Matters

  • If you’re new to web design, development, or blogging, you might wonder why responsive design matters in the first place.
  • The answer is simple. It’s no longer enough to design for a single device. Mobile web traffic has overtaken desktop and now makes up the majority of website traffic, accounting for more than 51%.

Are WordPress Sites Responsive?

  • Whether or not WordPress sites are responsive depends on the theme of your WP site. A WordPress theme is the equivalent of a template for a static website and controls the design and layout of your content.
  • If you use a default WordPress theme, like Twenty Twenty, the design is responsive, but since it’s a single-column design, you might not realize it when looking at it on different screens.
  • If you use another WordPress theme, you can test if it’s responsive or not by comparing how it looks on different devices or using Chrome Developer Tools.
Are WordPress Sites Responsive

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